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Homemade Engine-powered and Human-powered Hovercrafts

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Procedure (HPH 1)
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Frequently Asked Questions
Building a Type I Hovercraft
Rudders and Steering
Building a Type II Hovercraft
Introduction to Hovercrafting
Skirt Designs
Contact Us
Welcome to our website. On this website you will find how, in detail, we created our hovercraft and also some detailed instructions on how to build a curtain skirt. If you have any questions or comments, look at our "contact us" page for contact information.
Also, over the past two years, we constructed 2 of the world's few human powered hovercrafts, and there is more detail on the construction of these.  You can view the video for the most recent one at: 
Also, another great site to get information on:

Our Hovercraft

Please get in touch to offer comments and ask questions

Our Hovercraft

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Have a question? E-Mail Mr. Hovercraft at ! If you haven't noticed, we're all "Mr. Hovercraft".